Emerald PM working to reducing co2 emissions…

In order to reduce co2 emissions, increase renewable energy supply on site, and to enable decommissioning of an end of life utility system, our client undertook a Geothermal program to tap into a local Geothermal reservoir (2.5km deep). Via the installation of a 4th Generation heat net, the Geothermal Energy will provide heating and cooling to a number of R&D buildings on their site.

• Deliver 30% renewable energy at site level and 2% for globally,
• Reducing 30% of the co2-emissions for the site and 1.5% globally.

Key project Characteristics
• Construction & Start-up of New Heat Net 4th Generation – with the future capability to serve the entire site as a ring
• Physical Connections with Heat net to the R&D buildings users (PWW, SWW & HVAC)
• Drilling & testing & optimizing of a Doublet (2 wells) to the Dinantian layer
• Energy Building with Pump & heat exchanger systems to connect this geothermal energy with site distribution networks (hot water & cold water)
• Reinstatement of the roads after excavations
• Obtaining/complying with subsidies & insurance & permits

Key Services
Integrated Project Schedule – Includes Schedule Management; progress updates/coordination between A/E, CM, Qualification, Operations; detailed progress reporting; resource projections as required

Cost – Estimate Validation, Cost Risk Assessment, Estimating, Cost Reporting, Includes total project cost forecasting and trending, scope change management/reporting, cash flow tracking/reporting/ Savings capture, Payment Application Reviews

Key Project Controls Challenges
• Multiple projects within the overall programme