Okay, so it may not be what everyone wants to hear but post Covid-19 there are going to be winners and losers in the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) world. Are you ready?

Emerald have been supporting one of the winners in the food retail industry with their site acquisition plans for the last 18 months and as testament to the benefit of that work they are still progressing at pace. We believe we are well placed to support other commercial businesses to react quickly, with confidence, to make the most of opportunities as they arise over the coming months and years. New sites will present as companies look to liquidate asset and land banks. Existing development sites will now be unviable for companies based previous criteria and the ‘new normal’.

The acquisition of a real estate asset typically represents a significant investment for clients and must be completed with risk minimised. It is therefore imperative that all the key factors are considered whether the objective is to develop for profit, long term occupation and/or ownership.

Emerald Project Management’s involvement can ensure that due diligence from a developability side is completed in parallel with the necessary legal diligence.

Aspects of our Acquisition Support Services Scope:

  • Site Due Diligence including but not limited to
  • Legal Title Review to understand site constraints
  • Implications of existing site and surrounding services
  • Support Planning Assessments, by bringing in Transport, Environmental and Ecology consultants, construction management plans.
  • Organise Geo-technical Surveys and Engineers Reports.
  • UXO, Asbestos and Invasive Species surveys.
  • Obtain Services, Connection and De-Connection Quotes.
  • Identification of Key Feasibility Factors
  • Assessment of Scheme Buildability
  • Phasing Strategies
  • Cost and Programme Input into Development Appraisal
  • High Level Risk Review

If you are considering site acquisition in the brave new world we are about to enter or already active let us be by your side, albeit 2m away to ensure you can continue to take informed strategic decisions.

James O’Keeffe is Managing Director of Emerald PM.