Whether we embrace it or not, we all work and operate in a world of big data. As we go about or daily lives, we generate it and we consume it, but do we know how to use it to our advantage? We often encounter clients who are sitting on reservoirs of valuable data who either don’t know how to efficiently tap into it or, possibly worse, spend lots of non-value add hours in extracting that data in an inefficient, unsustainable and ultimately error-ridden manor. Our Data Team can help by providing data engineering and analytics to our clients, in a cost-efficient way that enables our clients to get a competitive edge.

Below are some of the services we perform.

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Data can be poorly constructed and difficult to get to. We are experts in Extracting information and constructing it to allow for data mining and insight. Building automated workflows that allow your internal/external data systems to run seamlessly whilst provide world class data insights that allow business to make informed and timely decisions.

Data Visualisation

Data is fast becoming the new ‘gold’ with data growing year on year at an exceptional rate. In order to make sense of all this data new and innovative ways to visual this data is necessary. We can advise as to what data representations are best suited to your business needs. From Standard dashboards to highly bespoke solutions. We are seeing clients embrace data visualisation throughout the levels and departments of their organisation, be it in the boardroom, as part of a pitch or for employee engagement.

KPI Dashboards Management Information Systems

Real time dashboards that monitor internal operational and external customer data is critical to business success at all times but no more than it is now as businesses emerge from the Covid-19 Crisis. We can build and maintain these dashboards with ‘on premise’ solutions. That give all levels of the business the information they need to ensure operational excellence.

Office 365 Solutions

Visual Basic Applications that will be bespoke to your needs can be created, speeding up laborious processes or increasing quality of data input and ease of use. Custom VBA applications can allow fast development and versatile business solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions

Using the latest technologies to mine your data for insight that would normally be impossible due to large data set. From sentiment analysis of products to ML implementation to images.

Kevin Jones is a Director at Emerald PM